Welcome to the future on-line home of Stan Bann, Stan Bann Music, Northmark Lab, and Stan Bann Creative.

I am in the process of changing hosts so please excuse the dearth of info at this point. There will be bigger, better, and more exciting ways to stay in touch, share music, and, of course, bad jokes! I know you'll enjoy the new layout and options!

In the meantime --

PLEASE add your name, email address, and comments to our new mailing list. If you were already on our previous mailing list please sign up again!

Look for more details and features over the coming few weeks!

There's always plenty going on. Hang out in the kitchen, sit by the fire, wander about and check out the wide variety of things we have to offer!

Take care, everyone! See you around campus!


Comes The Dawn 

I took this picture at sunrise back in January. We were on Coronado Island staying right on the Pacific Ocean. It was our final day there. We were catching a plane back to Minneapolis late that afternoon. Cherie and I grabbed a pot of coffee, some chairs, and headed for the sand to watch the sun show up for work.

It was glorious.

Here's to starting every day with peace, beauty, love, and a deep appreciation for what's been given you. Savor the sun's warm glow. Lose yourself in the peaceful rhythmic pulse of the surf. Let the chant of the gulls carry you with them as they float on the coastal zephyrs.

All is possible.

I carry this image and these thoughts as I head in new directions, rekindle old projects, reconnect with prodigal friends, and look to make positive changes in myself. Join me on this journey.

Road Work 

Inspiration strikes when IT wants. Not when it's nice and convenient for the artist.

As I mentioned in the welcome I am in the process of migrating to a new host after been ensconced in another location. The timing of this move could've been better had I let the project manager side of my personna take over. The artistic side said move and move now.

Logistics and one duck following another be damned the muse is on the move!

The move has prompted a closer look at what I want to accomplish, how I want to communicate, and where I'd like to see thing heading. I'm very excited for that trip. The mechanics of creating the site and putting back office processes into place (things that were a chore and to be deferred at all costs before) are now stepping stones to moving ahead.

Thanks for your patience as these things come together. It's going to be a fun ride, people!

Take care!


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