Penmanship may be a dying art as it relates to handwriting—but Stan Bann’s “Penmanship” is a gorgeous ode to the thriving art of the musical scribe, and Stan is abundantly gifted in that art. His eight originals and two arrangements here are all beautifully, creatively scored for low brass and rhythm. And the playing? Oh my. Heavyweights Andy Martin, Bob McChesney, Ian MacDougall and Dave Steinmeyer lend extra heft and presence to Stan’s solid group of Minneapolis locals. This is a set brimming with groove and energy—worth repeated listens!”

— Bob Thurston, former Chief Arranger, The US Air Force Band, Washington DC


"Penmanship" is certainly an appropriate title for Stan Bann's latest CD because it showcases Stan's creative writing for trombone ensemble. I love these refreshing charts which should be part of every trombone ensemble's repertoire. Add to that the fantastic jazz solos on the CD by Dave Steinmeyer, Ian McDougall, Andy Martin and Bob McChesney and you have one superlative recording! Congratulations Stan on this great project.”

— Rick Simerly -- Jazz Trombonist

Stan Bann’s Penmanship is a tour de force of outstanding low brass performance and composition. The project showcases the immense level of talent from the Minneapolis low brass community as well featured performances by four of my all-time favorite trombonists Bob McChesney, Andy Martin, Ian McDougall and Dave Steinmeyer. A pleasure to listen to on every level. Bravo Stan”

— Michael Davis, Trombonist / Composer / Clinician / Hip Bone Music

Beautifully conceived, fun and creative writing for trombones. Yah!"”

— Bob McChesney -- Trombonist / Composer / Educator


I've just finished listening to "Stratford Blue" and I must tell you that it's great hearing a big band again! Stan's trombone playing as well as the ensemble and other soloists are performed to the highest standards. I look forward to hearing more from Stan and this great group!! ”

— Dave Steinmeyer Trombonist / Former Director - The Airmen of Note

Stan Bann and his gifted ensemble truly infuse the great big band tradition with spirited innovation and elan. Check out their uniquely regrown version of "Tangerine" as a prime example on this latest collection. The precious big band idiom continues to thrive and evolve due in no small manner through the contributions of dedicated and talented leaders such as Stan. I sincerely enjoy this recording and so will you! ”

— Vaughn Nark lead trumpet, Airmen of Note, Yamaha Clinician

What a thrill to hear big bands at their best. The latest release from the Stan Bann Big Band is an amazing listen. Check out how effortlessly the band glides through different styles, wonderful soloists backed by a solid, in the 'pocket' rhythm section. Truly innovative charts keep the big band tradition alive and swinging in the new millennium. What more can I say? ”

— Pete Coulman Juno Award Winning Composer/Arranger

The marvel of the big band will never fade away as long as bands like that of Stan Bann keep the tradition moving forward. ”

— Bob Florence Grammy / Emmy winning composer, arranger

The Stan Bann Big Band is a joy to hear. Featuring fresh material reflecting the music scene of today. The overall flavor is joy! Check it out!”

— Phil Wilson Trombonist, Clinician,Instructor Berklee College of Music

What really sets this big band apart from others is the fact that the charts are mostly written by members of the ensemble. This has obviously led to a collaborative effort by the whole group, and has enabled the music to be tailored to the specific soloists in the band. The wonderful charts are contemporary in nature, yet show respect for musical eras past. All of the soloists are quite good, and the ensemble swings very hard! It is a real thrill to hear good music played by people that enjoy what they are playing and believe in the music so strongly! Congratulations to the Stan Bann Big Band. ”

— Bill Liston Composer/Arranger/Performer

STRATFORD... is a program of very hip, eclectic, and swinging music. I found the charts on TANGERINE and ANGEL EYES to be particularly good. It's great that you and your band work to present "off center renditions" of standards. That approach really breathes "new life" into the Great American Songbook, yet it still treats the original material with the respect it deserves. ”

— Dr. Eric Richards Composer / Arranger

The Stan Bann Big Band shows they can do it all. This kind of versatility is the hallmark of a great Big Band. Of special interest are the compositions by Stan Bann. He shows he intends to be one of the top writers in this genre.”

— Morgan King University of Texas - San Antonio