Recent endorsements and reviews for Stan Bann, Stan Bann's Big Bone Band, and Stan's "Penmanship" release!

"In every case, beauty is the predominant trait, one that is evidently inherent in Bann's approach to music in general and the trombone in particular. He writes always with the responsive listener in mind, which makes his compositions an unequivocal pleasure to hear and appreciate.”

Jack Bowers,

With Penmanship, Stan Bann gets us with his ensemble to a world full of warm colors and sonorities. His low brass band sounds gorgeous, warm, and the performances, including the many feature solos, are full of soul and subtleties. A special mention to the writing, which elevates the performances and makes this ensemble sound like no other. Penmanship is an album to listen carefully from top to bottom.”

Marc Jovani, Composer and Founder of Cinematic Composing

"Penmanship" is certainly an appropriate title for Stan Bann's latest CD because it showcases Stan's creative writing for trombone ensemble. I love these refreshing charts which should be part of every trombone ensemble's repertoire. Add to that the fantastic jazz solos on the CD by Dave Steinmeyer, Ian McDougall, Andy Martin and Bob McChesney and you have one superlative recording! Congratulations Stan on this great project.”

— Rick Simerly, Jazz Trombonist

Serious writing, executed by serious players produces a serious product! Stan Bann has accomplished the end result on his latest recording, Penmanship, through crafting arrangements for low brass choir, rhythm section and some of the world’s leading trombone soloists. The music on Penmanship is a winning combo that appeals to both sides of the music stand. Musicians will be challenged by the charts, and listeners will enjoy hearing them! ”

— Mark Channon -- Jazz Host – 91.3 FM, WWUH Radio; Operations Director, WAPJ Radio; Station Manager, 104.9 FM, WIHS Radio

Some great trombone playing on this album! That was a fun listen. If you love Trombone, check this out.”

— Paul "Paul The Trombonist" Nowell -- Jazz Trombonist / Producer

You can feel the love for the trombone and low brass exuding from this CD from start to finish. Stan Bann’s overall concept and artistry in executing it is highly admirable. His tunes are catchy and his orchestration fully explores the range of colours available, from beauty to power and everything in between. Add to that the world-class soloists and I challenge anyone not to find it a riveting and most enjoyable listen throughout.”

Mark Nightingale -- London 2018

Just purchased Penmanship. I was going to write long post about it but then I realized it could all be summed up in one word. Fantastic!! If you don't have Penmanship get it now.”

— Andrew Farmer